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Great Run Company races away with deal


Couchmans, leading specialists in sports law, have helped The Great Run Company structure and agree a wide-ranging collaboration with mass participation specialists, Golazo.

Under the deal, The Great Run Company, founded by Olympian and world record breaking runner Brendan Foster, will continue to run Great Run and other “Great”-branded events in the UK and Ireland. Golazo, created by former international athlete Bob Verbeeck, will run the events in Europe. A new joint venture company shall be created that will have the rights throughout the rest of the world.

The deal will help spread the reach of the Great Run brand globally and the entities involved will each be focused on providing consumers with the best possible choices for taking part in mass participation sports.

Commenting on the innovative arrangements, Brendan Foster said:

“This exciting new venture will give millions of participants, existing and new, the opportunity to participate in a ‘Great Run’ event. This is a ground breaking deal that threw up some complexities and we are very grateful to Couchmans whose industry know how, expertise and tenacity helped us get the deal over the line.”

Nick White, the partner at Couchmans who led the negotiations for The Great Run Company, commented: 

“While being relatively simple in its conception, this was an intricate deal to structure, all the more so in view of the UK’s impending departure from the EU. With a robust but commercial approach by both sides, the parties have found a deal that should work for everyone. We are proud to have played our own small part in making that happen.”

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